Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Artisana Organic Coconut Butter

Oh my.... I just found the next best thing to peanut butter.  Maybe better.

Artisana raw coconut butter.  It is heavenly.  I came across it at a local health food store in Burbank I frequent called Full O' Life (I'll do a review for them later) where they had coconut oil, and coconut butter.  I wasn't sure which one to go with, so I went for the one in the pretty package (after I verified it was organic and virgin.)

What is the difference, you ask? Well for starters, coconut butter is a whole food, which includes coconut meat and the oil.  It is best used in salad dressings, smoothies, frostings, spread on toasted gluten free bread... it is very versatile. Or, you can just enjoy it by the spoonful, like I've been doing lately.  Coconut oil is just that - oil. It is more translucent than the coconut butter, and better to cook with. Both are somewhat hard at room temperature. You can store them in your cupboard as they need no refrigeration.

Why is it healthy, you ask? Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which helps fight off harmful bacteria and fungi in your body. This is why I am using it (the joy of celiac complications.) Although it is a saturated fat, it consists of a medium chain of fatty triglycerides, and studies have shown they reduce the bad kind of cholesterol. Americans eat too many omega 6 fats, and not enough omega 3's. This is where the omega 3's of coconuts come in. Apparently, not all saturated fats are bad. Here is a link to an article by Dr Mercola about coconut oil. A few benefits mentioned in the article:

  • optimize metabolism and regulate body weight
  • reduce risk of diabetes
  • good for your heart
  • fights degenerative diseases
  • great for hair, skin and nails

And the butter is so delicious, creamy, and healthy. What, you want some?  Go get your own!!!

 Any information on this site is not to be taken as health advice.

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