Sunday, November 20, 2011

Coconut Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies

I've been really good with my sugar, gluten and dairy free diet lately. It's the only thing that keeps my body from reacting with inflammation, caused by a diet high in carbohydrates, sugar and unfortunately, antibiotic use. And right now at the beginning of the winter holiday season, I have always been susceptible to strep throat, so no sugar keeps it at bay. I also think I might have food intolerances, hence the gluten free part of this. I've been seeing a naturopathic doctor to pinpoint the cause, and so far prior to tests, she suspects food intolerances and candida as well.

I really like my naturopathic doctor. For those of us suffering from the unknown and what many traditional doctors sometimes dismiss as depression or  being "all in your head," when you know that's not the case, you look for someone that will really listen and care. With naturopathic doctors, you get a lot more one-on-one time. The idea is to investigate the root cause of disease, not cover up the symptoms which is what takes place in most cases of western medicine (or at least in my experiences). I could continue on about this, but will save that for a separate post another time.

Onto the reason you are probably here  - COOKIES!

These cookies are good for those following a paleo lifestyle. Most paleo peeps don't eat grains or sugar. While I've used some sugar, it is quite minimal.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Grass Fed Beef Crock Pot Chipotle Chili (and Bacon Wrapped Dogs)

Last week started getting a bit colder here on the westside of Los Angeles so I pulled out my winter clothing to prepare. I started wearing sweater tights and scarves with my dresses. Brrr! Not that we Angelenos can ever really complain about the weather; I know many east coast cities recently received a generous dumping of unexpected snow and rain, and many lost power and were probably shivering under their blankets for a few days. The only thing here that happens for the most part is we freak out and can't drive in the rain. I never can understand that - why do people seem to drive even crazier in the rain here? It's like an instant panic sets in and we become maniacs behind the wheel. My heart rate goes up just thinking about it. Road rage.

I digress.

Most people regardless of the time of year, associate food with comfort in some sort of way.  I am no different. I think this increases during holidays - we meet with family, share recipes,  eat too much and then lay around the house in a food coma.  Here in Los Angeles, the temperature has dropped just enough for me to start thinking about what comfort foods I want to make.  I wanted something hearty that sticks to your ribs.

Mmm... ribs. Okay, we'll save that for another post. I could never be a vegetarian.