Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Udi's Snickerdoodle Cookies

Last week I got a case of the afternoon munchies while at work. In addition to eating gluten free, I've also been on a sugar and yeast free diet. I have symptoms of what I think is a candida overgrowth and the doctors are still trying to figure this out, but it almost completely goes away when I cut all sugar and yeast out of my diet. However, I can't deprive myself forever, so I decided I deserved a treat and walked to the local Ralphs supermarket in downtown Los Angeles. I wasn't sure what this market would have for a gluten free selection, but was pleasantly surprised.

On an aisle ending, I found a gluten-free stand with crackers, pasta, and cookies. I saw the Udi's Snickerdoodles, and immediately got excited. I felt like a kid waiting for her mom to hand her a popsicle. I used to enjoy making these cookies with my mom and sister during the holiday season, and really miss these. I began to think they would probably be a let-down to the Snickerdoodles I remembered in my gluten-filled days.  I was wrong.  These cookies were soft, chewy and full of cinnamon sugared yumminess.  Oh man, these made a perfect end to my day.

If you aren't familiar with Udi's gluten free foods, you can see their products here.  They make bagels, bread, pizza crusts, muffins, and recently, came out with hamburger and hot dog buns that are really delicious (mentioned in a previous review.)

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