Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Recipes (and Websites) I'm Loving Right Now

Today instead of giving you a recipe of my own, I decided to blog about many of the current recipes - and websites - I'm digging right now. There are so many great food blogs out there and these are just a few that inspire me to eat healthy, and they make it really easy because this is truly delicious food my friends! Most of the recipes below are gluten-free, Paleo, or both.  Enjoy!

Food Renegade - Grain-Free Apple Pancake Rings

Food Renegade's site is an inspiration to me and I read it at least twice a week for product reviews, her support of local, organic, raw foods and of course delicious recipes.  This week she posted a recipe for Grain- Free Apple Pancake Rings.  This is a recipe you could make for breakfast, a snack after work, or even with brinner - breakfast for dinner - which is common in my house. Come on, you don't know about brinner? You best learn cause you are seriously missing out.

Kristen says she likes to serve these up sandwich style with some raw cheddar or Gouda. I think that sounds fantastic! I might even spread some Justin's Natural Maple Almond Butter on them; check out the portable single serving packets which are great on the go for the beach a picnic, or at work with some fruit.

I made some for an after dinner dessert tonight with some Granny Smith apples, and they did not disappoint. Easy, healthy and delicious food. I have a feeling these will be made quite often.

Simply Living Healthy - The Perfect Paleo Biscuit

When I discovered this recipe I thought, "Don't bother making these because they will probably be just another gluten-free bread substitute that will crumble and fall apart when you eat it."  Lucky me, I was wrong.  The egg whites are the glue in this recipe, and they are delicious. I made a breakfast
sandwich just as she did on her blog site and was in heaven.   My husband will testify that I had a smile from ear to ear the Sunday morning I made these.  I used cage-free, organic eggs, applewood smoked bacon, avocado, Tapatio (my favorite hot sauce) and a little organic mayonnaise on the biscuit. As I bit into them, the biscuit stayed in one piece, (hallelujah) and it was delicious!  You could make many different versions of these by adding cheese and jalapenos to make a more savory version, but they are good with just some butter and jam, too. Finally, a gluten-free, grain-free, paleo biscuit I am in love with.

MAKE THESE BISCUITS.  You WILL thank me later.

PaleoOMG - CrockPot Pork Green Chile

Juli Bauer is a blogger on her site PaleoOMG, and OH-EM-GEE, she cracks me up.  She is one seriously funny chick who eats Paleo and is obsessed with CrossFit training. Her personality truly shines through in her blog.  She talks a lot about her body, fitness and nonsense. I like her honesty and you feel like you can connect with her; I find her refreshing.

This week I came across a recipe for CrockPot Pork Green Chile. First off, I love anything carnitas or similar to carnitas. I have to admit, I love me some pork. Luckily, I eat Paleo, so I'm allowed to eat all the pork I want, as long as it is humanely raised so I know I'm getting the good stuff in my diet. I recommend US Wellness Meats or buying from a local farmers market. And who doesn't like using a CrockPot? Put it all together in the morning, go get your day on, and come back and have some grub.

Not only do I enjoy her recipes, but she makes it truly enjoyable to read her articles. Many times she will go off on some sort of a rant and carry on, and I find myself chuckling. If you are into gluten-free, Paleo, CrossFit or just want to eat some healthy and tasty food, check out her site.
Do. It. Now.

Whelp, that's all folks!  Until next time. See ya soon!



  1. Just wondering if the baking powder in the paleo biscuits could be replaced with something else. I am on the Gaps diet and can't have it right now.


  2. I think you could leave it out if you like. They probably won't rise as much but I think they would still be good. Are you allowed to use baking soda and cream of tartar? I saw on a website you could substitute for this.